Opening times Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

526 service

Garforth Academy - Ledston Main Street


This service will pick up/set down at all regular bus stops along the following route:

AM route

No service in this direction.

PM route

From Garforth Academy

Lidgett Lane, Selby Road, Leeds Rd, High Street, Longdike Lane, Ridge Road, Ledston Luck Village, Ridge Road, Barnsdale Road, Newton Lane, Ledston Mill Lane, Main Street.


Garforth AcademyDEP1443
Kippax Valley RoadDEP1447
Rutland CloseDEP1449
Kippax Cross HillsDEP1451
Ledston Luck VillageDEP1456
Ledston Main StreetARR1501

23/24 fares

Payment options on this service:

  • M-Card App. Download the M-Card app and purchase tickets online.
  • Under 19 photocard. Pre-load tickets to an under 19 photocard.
  • Cash. The fare is £1.20 each way. Try to bring the exact change. Please note this is the most expensive way to travel. Discounts are available with the M-Card app and the under 19 photocard listed above.