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BY21 service

East End Park – Bishop Young Academy

Bishop Young Academy – East End Park


Towards Bishop Young Academy

From Cross Green Lane/Copperfield Avenue via Cross Green Lane, Pontefract Lane, Park Parade, East Park Parade, Ivy Street, York Road, Lupton Avenue, Harehills Lane, Foundry Approach, Coldcotes Circus Coldcotes Drive, Oakwood Lane, Wykebeck Valley Road to Wykebeck Valley Road/Foundry Lane and then non-stop to school.

From Bishop Young Academy

From school non-stop to Wykebeck Valley Road/Foundry Lane then Wykebeck Valley Road, Oakwood Lane, Coldcotes Drive, Coldcotes Circus, Foundry Approach, Harehills Lane, Lupton Avenue, York Road, Ivy Street, East Park Parade, Park Parade, Pontefract Lane and Cross Green Lane.


Cross Green Lane/Copperfield AvenueDEP0748
Ivy Street/York RoadDEP0755
Foundry Approach/Foundry PlaceDEP0803
Wykebeck Valley Road/Foundry LaneDEP0810
Bishop Young AcademyARR0815
Bishop Young AcademyDEP1510
Wykebeck Valley Road/Foundry LaneDEP1515
Foundry Approach/Foundry PlaceDEP1522
Ivy Street/York RoadDEP1530
Cross Green Lane/Copperfield AvenueARR1537