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Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

CC2 service

York Road at Inglewood Drive - Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi – York Road at Hawkhill Avenue


AM route

Towards Corpus Christi Catholic College

From Scholes Coronation Tree via Main Street, Station Road, Scholes Lane, Westbound A64 York Road, Ring Road/ York Road roundabout (360 degree turn), Eastbound A64 York Road (towards York), Baildon Drive, Sherburn Road North, White Laithe Road, Coal Road, Red Hall Lane, Wetherby Road, Ring Road, Monkswood Gate, Monkswood Avenue, Kentmere Avenue, Boggart Hill Drive, Easterly Road, Harehills Lane to Harehills Lane/ York Road – then non-stop to school.

PM route

From Corpus Christi Catholic College

Non-Stop to Harehills Lane/York Road then all stops to Harehills Lane, Harehills Avenue, Roundhay Road, Easterly Road, Boggart Hill Drive, Kentmere Avenue, Monkswood Avenue, Monkswood Gate, Ring Road, Wetherby Road, Red Hall Lane, Coal Road, White Laithe Road, Sherburn Road North, Baildon Drive, Eastbound A64 York Road, Scholes Lane, Station Road, Main Street, Scholes Coronation Tree.


Scholes Coronation TreeDEP0715
Baildon DriveDEP0725
Wetherby Road at Red Hall GdnsDEP0735
Easterly Road at Dib LaneDEP0745
Roundhay RoadDEP0755
Harehills Lane/ Compton RoadDEP0800
Corpus ChristiARR0820
Corpus Christi CCDEP1510
Harehills Lane/ Compton RoadDEP1525
Roundhay RoadDEP1530
Easterly Road at North LaneDEP1540
Wetherby Road at Red Hall GdnsDEP1550
Baildon DriveDEP1600
Scholes Coronation TreeARR1605

23/24 fares

Payment options on this service:

  • M-Card App. Download the M-Card app and purchase tickets online.
  • Under 19 photocard. Pre-load tickets to an under 19 photocard.
  • Cash. The fare is £1.20 each way. Try to bring the exact change. Please note this is the most expensive way to travel. Discounts are available with the M-Card app and the under 19 photocard listed above.