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Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

G3 service

Swillington Church - St Benedict's Garforth

St Benedict's Garforth - Swillington Church


This service will pick up/set down at all regular bus stops along the following route:

AM route

Towards St Benedict's School

From Swillington Church all stops via Wakefield Road, Goody Cross Lane, Whitehouse Lane, Preston Lane, Leeds Road, to turn at Vicars Terrace, Park Lane, then return to Great Preston Corner via Leeds Road, Preston Lane, then Berry Lane, Station Road, Butt Hill, Cross Hills, High Street, Gibson Lane, Leeds Road, Valley Road, Leeds Road, Selby Road, Ninelands Lane, Church Lane, Oak Crescent, Station Fields, Oak Drive.

PM route

From St Benedict's School

From Oak Drive, Station Fields, Oak Crescent, Church Lane, Ninelands Lane, Selby Road, Leeds Road, Gibson Lane, High Street, Cross Hills, Butt Hill, Station Road, Berry Lane, Preston Lane, Leeds Road, to turn at Vicars Terrace, Park Lane, then return toward Goody Cross and Swillington via Leeds Road, Preston Lane, Whitehouse Lane, Goody Cross Lane, Wakefield Road to Swillington Church.


Swillington ChurchDEP0820
Brigshaw Lane EndDEP0825
Kippax Cross HillsDEP0830
Kippax Valley RoadDEP0835
Ninelands LaneDEP0840
St Benedicts SchoolARR0850
St Benedicts SchoolDEP1525
Ninelands LaneDEP1539
Kippax Valley RoadDEP1542
Kippax Cross HillsDEP1545
Brigshaw Lane EndDEP1550
Swillington ChurchARR1600

23/24 fares

Payment options on this service:

  • Cash/contactless. The fare is £1.00 each way or £8 for a weekly ticket. Try to bring the exact change. Passengers MUST be registered on this service to travel. Please apply via the metro website: Application form
  • You can speak with the school transport team at Metro by calling 0113 348 1122.