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HGS13 service

All Bus stops between Colton, Leeds – Heckmondwike Grammar School, Wakefield

Heckmondwike Grammar School, Wakefield - Colton, Leeds

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NEW: Live vehicle tracking

Users of the HGS13 service will be able to access live vehicle tracking directly from their ticket, starting January 2022.

Our new "track bus" feature will allow students and parents to stay informed in real-time, and will complement our existing SMS service alerts, to offer the safest travel experience possible for your child.


AM route

Towards Heckmondwike grammar school, Wakefield

Sainsbury’s at Colton, Selby Road, Ring Road, Park Lane, Street Lane, Harrogate Road, Shadwell Lane, Wike Ridge Lane, Wigton Lane, Alwoodley Lane, The Avenue, King Lane, Carr Manor Road, Stainbeck Road, Scott Hall Road, Claypit Lane, Leeds Inner Ring Road, Domestic Street, Sydenham Road, A643, M621, Geldard Road, Huddersfield Road, White Lee Road, Batley Road, High Street, Heckmondwike Grammar.

PM route

From Heckmondwike grammar school, Wakefield

Heckmondwike Grammar School, Leeds Road, Huddersfield Road, Geldard Road, M621, A643, Leeds Inner Ring Road, Clay Pit Lane, Scott Hall Road, Stainbeck Road, Carr Manor Road, King Lane, The Avenue, Alwoodley Lane, Wigton Lane, Wike Ridge Lane, Shadwell Lane, Harrogate Road, Street Lane, Park Lane, Ring Road, Colton.


A58/Ring RoadDEP0710
Street LaneDEP0715
Dexter PubDEP07:25
Alwoodley Park And RideDEP07:35
Carr ManorDEP07:40
Domestic StreetDEP07:50
Heckmondwike GrammarARR08:25
Heckmondwike GrammarDEP15:30
Wellington RoadDEP15:45
Carr ManorDEP15:55
King Lane Park and RideDEP16:05
Dexter PubDEP16:20
Street LaneDEP16:30
A58/Ring RoadDEP16:40