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L51 service

Whitehall Road Ringways - Bruntcliffe Academy/Morley Academy

Bruntcliffe Academy - Whitehall Drive


Towards Bruntcliffe Academy/Morley Academy

From A58 Whitehall Road (Ringways), Whitehall Road, Station Road, Moorside Road, B6135 Wakefield Road, A650 Wakefield Road, Geldard Road, Street Lane, East View, Street Lane, B6126 Town Street, Branch End, Asquith Avenue, Bruntcliffe Lane to Bruntcliffe Academy.

From Morley Academy/Bruntcliffe Academy

Bruntcliffe Academy, Bruntcliffe Lane, Asquith Avenue, Branch End, Town Street, Street Lane, East View A62 Geldard Road, A650 Wakefield Road, B1635 Wakefield Road, Moorside Road, Station Road, Moorland Road, Whitehall Road, A58 Whitehall Road (Ringways).


Whitehall Road (Ringways)DEP0752
Drighlington Cross RoadsDEP0800
Railway PHDEP0803
Gildersome GreenDEP0815
Bruntcliffe AcademyDEP0825
Morley AcademyARR0830
Bruntcliffe AcademyDEP1510
Gildersome GreenDEP1517
Railway PHDEP1527
Whitehall Road (Ringways)ARR1535

21/22 fares

Payment options on this service:

  • M-Card App. Download the M-Card app and purchase tickets online.
  • Under 19 photocard. Pre-load tickets to an under 19 photocard.
  • Cash. The fare is £1.20 each way. Try to bring the exact change. Please note this is the most expensive way to travel. Discounts are available with the M-Card app and the under 19 photocard listed above.