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Forza Foods staff shuttle service

Harehills Road - Forza Foods

Forza Foods - Harehills Road

AM Route

AM Towards Forza Foods

From Harehills Rd (BK Store), Harehills Rd (Top of Lambton View), Roundhay Road (St Aidan’s Church), Sovereign Street Coach Bays, Holbeck / Top Moor Side, Beeston Rd (After Cemetery Hill), Old Lane (Opp. Coop), Ring Road - Gypsy Lane, Ring Road - Middleton Park Road, Belle Isle WMC, Belle Isle Post Office, Morrisons - Hunslet, Forza.

PM Route

PM From Forza Foods

From Forza Foods, Morrisons Hunslet, Belle Isle Post Office, Belle Isle WMC, Ring Road - Middleton Park Rd, Ring Road - Gypsy Lane, Old Lane (Opp Coop), Beeston Rd (After Cemetery Hill), Holbeck Top Moor Side, Asda House Great Wilson Street, Roundhay Road (St Aidans Church), Harehills Road (Top of Lambton View), Harehills Road (BK Store)


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Harehills Rd (BK Store)05:1513:1517:15
Harehills Rd (Top of Lambton View)05:1813:18-
Roundhay Road (St Aidan’s Church)05:2113:21-
Sovereign Street Coach Bays05:3013:30-
Holbeck, Top Moor Side05:3513:3517:33
Beeston Rd (After Cemetery Hill)05:3713:3717:35
Old Lane (Opp. Coop)05:4013:4017:40
Ring Road, Gypsy Lane05:4213:42-
Ring Road, Middleton Park Road05:4513:45-
Belle Isle WMC05:4813:4817:50
Belle Isle Post Office05:5113:5117:52
Morrisons, Hunslet05:5313:53-
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Forza return journey14:4018:4022:40
Morrisons, Hunslet---
Belle Isle Post Office---
Belle Isle WMC---
Ring Road, Middleton Park Road---
Ring Road, Gypsy Lane---
Old Lane (Opp. Coop)---
Beeston Rd (After Cemetery Hill)---
Holbeck, Top Moor Side---
Asda House, Great Wilson Street---
Roundhay Road (St Aidan’s Church)---
Harehills Rd (Top of Lambton View)---
Harehills Rd (BK Store)---