Opening times Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

AG9 service

Wortley Ringways - Abbey Grange Academy

Abbey Grange Academy - Wortley Ringways


This service will pick up/set down at all regular bus stops along the following route:

AM route

Towards Abbey Grange Academy

All stops from Wortley Ringways via Ring Road Low Wortley, Branch Road, Lower Wortley Road, Oldfield Lane, Tong Road, Green Lane, Hall Lane, Church Road, Wesley Road, Town Street, Wortley Road, Whingate, Hill Top Road, Green Hill Road, Henconner Lane, Lower TownStreet, Waterloo Lane, Raynville Road, Kirkstall Avenue, Broad Lane, Bridge Road to last pick up at Savins Mill then non-stop to Abbey Grange Academy.

PM route

From Abbey Grange Academy

From Abbey Grange Academy non-stop to first set down at Savins Mill then all stops via BridgeRoad, Broad Lane, Kirkstall Avenue, Raynville Road, Lower Town Street, Henconner Lane, Green Hill Road, Hill Top Road, Whingate, Wortley Road, Town Street, Wesley Road, Church Road, Hall Lane, Green Lane, Tong Road, Oldfield Lane, Lower WortleyRoad, Branch Road, Ring Road Low Wortley.


Wortley RingwaysDEP0715
St. Marys HospitalDEP0735
Savins Mill WayDEP0755
Abbey Grange AcademyARR0810
Abbey Grange AcademyDEP1510
Kirkstall Bridge RoadDEP1525
St. Marys HospitalDEP1545
Wortley RingwaysARR1605

21/22 fares

Payment options on this service:

  • M-Card App. Download the M-Card app and purchase tickets online.
  • Under 19 photocard. Pre-load tickets to an under 19 photocard.
  • Cash. The fare is £1.20 each way. Try to bring the exact change. Please note this is the most expensive way to travel. Discounts are available with the M-Card app and the under 19 photocard listed above.