Opening times Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

HGR20 service

All bus stops between Seacroft, North Parkway – Harrogate Grammar/Rossett School

To book a place on this service please contact your school's finance office:

Harrogate Grammar

01423 531127

Rossett School

01423 564444


This service will pick up/set down at all regular bus stops along the following route:

AM route

Towards Harrogate Grammar/Rossett School

North Parkway, Kentmere Avenue, Southparkway, South Parkway Approach, Foundry Lane, Oakwood Lane, Easterly Road, Wetherby Road, Coal Road, Main Street (Shadwell), Shadwell Terminus (U-Turn), Main Street, Carr Lane, Wetherby Road, Keswick Lane, Wike Lane, Main Street (East Keswick), Whitegate, Crabtree Lane, Harewood Road, Main Street (Collingham), Wetherby Road, Boston Road, Market Place, West Gate, Spofforth Hill, Harrogate Road, Direct To Harrogate Grammar/Rossett School.

PM route

From Harrogate Grammar/Rossett School

Direct from Harrogate Grammar/Rossett School to Spofforth, A661 Wetherby Road, Harewood Road, Crabtree Lane, Whitegate, Main Street (East Keswick), Wike Lane, Keswick Lane, Wetherby Road, Carr Lane, Main Street (Shadwell) Shadwell Terminus, U-Turn, Main Street, Coal Road, Wetherby Road, Oakwood Lane, Foundry Lane, Southparkway Approach, Southparkway, Kentmere Avenue, North Parkway.


Tesco SeacroftDEP07:10
Shadwell TerminusDEP07:28
East KeswickDEP07:38
Rossett SchoolARR08:35
Rossett SchoolDEP15:25
Harrogate GrammarDEP15:40
East KeswickDEP16:00
Shadwell TerminusDEP16:05
Tesco SeacroftARR16:15