Opening times Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Opening times Sat-Sun 8AM-12PM

LE1 service

Shaftesbury Junction – Leeds East Academy

Leeds East Academy – Shaftesbury Junction


This service will pick up/set down at all regular bus stops along the following route:

AM route

Towards Leeds East Academy

From Shaftesbury Junction (stop D – 45010734), Harehills Lane, Compton Road, Stanley Road, Harehills Road, Roundhay Road, Harehills Lane, Foundry Approach, Coldcotes Circus, Coldcotes Drive, Oakwood Lane, Wykebeck Valley Road, Foundry Lane, South Parkway Approach, South Parkway to Leeds East Academy.

PM route

From Leeds East Academy

From Leeds East Academy, South Parkway, South Parkway Approach, Foundry Lane, Wykebeck Valley Road, Oakwood Lane, Coldcotes Drive, Coldcotes Circus, Foundry Approach, Harehills lane, Roundhay Road, Harehills Road, Stanley Road, Compton Road, Harehills Lane, Shaftesbury Junction.


Shaftesbury JunctionDEP0755
Harehills Road/Compton RoadDEP0758
Foundry Approach/Foundry PlaceDEP0810
Leeds East AcademyARR0820
AfternoonMon & FriTue/Wed/Thu
Leeds East AcademyDEP14501540
Foundry Approach/Foundry PlaceDEP14551545
Harehills Road/Compton RoadDEP15051555
Shaftesbury JunctionARR15081558

22/23 fares

There is only one payment option for this service:

  • Single one way fare - £1.
  • Drivers accept cash and contactless payments.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Metro pre paid passes will not be accepted on this service from September 2022.