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R15 service

Harehills Lane, Leeds - Rossett School, Harrogate

Rossett School, Harrogate - Harehills Lane, Leeds

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AM Route

PM Route

Towards Rossett School, Harrogate

From Harehills Lane (Bus stop after junction at Back hill top mount), Potternewton Lane, Stainbeck Avenue, Stonegate Road, Stainbeck Lane, Stainbeck Road, Carr manor Road, King Lane, Scott hall Road, A61 Harrogate Road (L) Sandmoor Drive, Alwoodley Lane, The Avenue, King Lane, Nursery Lane, Primley Park Crescent, Primley Park Avenue, Harrogate Road A61, Leeds road at marks and Spencer into Leadhall Lane, Green Lane into Rossett Grounds.

From Rossett School, Harrogate

From Rossett school grounds into green lane, Leadhall Lane, Harrogate road to ring road then turn back up Harrogate road A61, (L) Primley Park Avenue, Primley Park crescent, Nursery Lane, King Lane, The Avenue, Alwoodley Lane A61 Harrogate Road, Scott Hall Road, King Lane, Carr manor Road, Stainbeck Road, Stainbeck Lane, Stonegate Road, Stainbeck Avenue, Potternewton Lane, Harehills lane.


Harehills laneDEP0717
Stainbeck AvenueDEP0723
Stainbeck LaneDEP0725
Sandmoor DriveDEP0735
The Avenue/Alwoodley LaneDep0738
Rossett SchoolARR0835
Rossett SchoolDEP1520
Harrogate Rd/Nursery LaneDEP1540
The Avenue/Alwoodley LaneDEP1550
King LaneDEP1605
Stainbeck LaneDEP1608
Stainbeck AvenueDEP1612
Harehills LaneARR1620