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R2 service

York Road, Leeds - Rossett School, Harrogate

Rossett School, Harrogate - York Road, Leeds

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Towards Rossett School, Harrogate

York Road (Farmfoods). Ring Road, (L) Wetherby Road, Easterly Road, (R) Oakwood Lane, (L) Roundhay Road, Gledhow Lane, Lidgett Lane, Harrogate Road, Ring Road, Shadwell Lane, Wike Ridge Lane, Wigton Lane, Plantation Gardens, High Ash Avenue, High Ash Drive, Wigton Lane, Harrogate Road. Then direct to Rossett School.

From Rossett School, Harrogate

Run direct from school to Wigton Lane, High Ash Drive, High Ash Avenue, Plantation Gardens, Wigton Lane, Wike Ridge Lane, Shadwell Lane, Ring Road, Harrogate Road, Lidgett Lane, Gledhow Lane, Roundhay Road, Oakwood Lane, Easterly Road, Wetherby Road, Ring Road, A64 Opposite Farmfoods.


York Road (Farmfoods)DEP0715
Oakwood ClockDEP0728
Ring Road/Shadwell LaneDEP0741
High Ash DriveDEP0751
Rossett SchoolARR0835
Rossett SchoolDEP1520
High Ash DriveDEP1600
Ring Road/Shadwell LaneDEP1610
Oakwood ClockDEP1625
York Road (farmfoods)ARR1650