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R55 service

Crossgates shopping centre, Leeds - Rossett School, Harrogate

Rossett School, Harrogate - Crossgates shopping centre, Leeds

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NEW: Live vehicle tracking

Users of the R55 service will be able to access live vehicle tracking directly from their ticket, starting September 2022.

Our new "track bus" feature will allow students and parents to stay informed in real-time, and will complement our existing SMS service alerts, to offer the safest travel experience possible for your child.

AM Route

PM Route

Towards Rossett School, Harrogate

Ring Road-West (Bus Stop Opposite Crossgates Shopping Centre), Wetherby Road (South), Easterly Road, Oakwood Lane, Wetherby Road, Coal Road, Main Street (Shadwell), Shadwell Terminus (U-Turn), Main Street, Carr Lane, Wetherby Road, Keswick Lane, Wike Lane, Main Street (East Keswick), Whitegate, Crabtree Lane, Harewood Road, Main Street (Collingham), Wetherby Road, Boston Road, Market Place, West Gate, Spofforth Hill, Harrogate Road, Direct To Rossett School.

From Rossett School, Harrogate

Rossett School – Direct to Spofforth, A661 Wetherby Road, Harewood Road, Crabtree Lane, Whitegate, Main Street (East Keswick), Wike Lane, Keswick Lane, Wetherby Road, Carr Lane, Main Street (Shadwell) Shadwell Terminus, U-Turn, Main Street, Coal Road, Wetherby Road, Oakwood Lane, Easterly Road, Wetherby Road, Ring Road (East), Crossgates Shopping Centre.


Crossgates shopping centreDEP0715
Oakwood ClockDEP0725
Shadwell TerminusDEP0732
East KeswickDEP0741
Rossett SchoolARR0845
Rossett SchoolDEP1525
East KeswickDEP1554
Shadwell TerminusDEP1603
Oakwood ClockDEP1610
Crossgates shopping centreARR1620

Please note: From Sept 2022 the Rossett late bus will operate 3 days a week to support after school clubs. Days of operation to be confirmed.