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R62 service

Alwoodley, Leeds - Rossett School, Harrogate

Rossett School, Harrogate - Alwoodley, Leeds

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Towards Rosset School, Harrogate

From Harrogate Road (first stop North of Moortown M&S), Alwoodley Gates, Wigton Lane, Wike Ridge Lane, Shadwell Lane, Ring Road, Harrogate Road A61, Leeds Road at Marks and Spencer into Leadhall Lane, Green Lane into Rossett School Grounds.

From Rossett School, Harrogate

From the Rossett School Grounds into Green Lane, Harrogate Road, Leadhall Lane, Leeds Road, Harrogate Road, Ring Road, Shadwell Lane, Wike Ridge Lane Wigton Lane, Alwoodley Gates.


Harrogate RoadDEP0730
Alwoodley GatesDEP0735
Shadwell LaneDEP0740
Primley Park AvenueDEP0745
Rossett SchoolARR0835
Rossett SchoolDEP1520
Primley Park AvenueDEP1540
Shadwell LaneDEP1545
Alwoodley GatesARR1550